Unhomogenised Full Cream Milk-The Little Big Dairy Co

Unhomogenised Full Cream Milk-The Little Big Dairy Co

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750ml Unhomogenised Full Cream Milk, glass bottle.  The highest quality, deliciously creamy, single source milk on the market - and now we have the option of an Unhomogenised Full Cream Milk! 


What is unhomogenised milk? The milk is not homogenized, which means the butterfat molecules in the milk are left in their natural state. These relatively large milk-fat globules bind with nutrients (like vitamins A & D) found in the liquid portion of the milk. The nutrient-carrying globules travel to the stomach and gut where they release the nutrients for use by the body. Milk fat, in it's natural state, easily makes its way through the entire human digestive tract. Cancer," in 2007, that the smaller, disfigured milk-fat globules produced during homogenization act like capsules for substances that bypass digestion. Not only are important nutrients lost into the blood stream, but hormones and pesticides used to treat cows and their feed, make their way to the human blood stream as well. 


What danger do I risk if I drink Unhomogenised Milk?

 The answer may leave you speechless...it's "none." That's right, homogenization has no known health benefits. Nor is it required by law. Milk is homogenized simply to give it a balanced consistency - more pleasing to the eye and no need to shake it.


Milk in it's natural state has a cream layer that floats on top of the liquid portion of the milk. Anyone who grew up on a farm, or before homogenization was common, will tell you that the cream is the most desirable part! And, as you are now aware, the cream also carries huge health benefits. 


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