Pepe Saya Cultured Butter 225g

Pepe Saya Cultured Butter 225g

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When it comes to butter, cultured butter is what you need to sink your teeth into. Pepe Saya products are alive with millions and billions of lactic organisms. In simpler terms, it means that if more of these lactic organisms are produced, the more flavoursome and creamy the butter is! We add a lactic culture to sour the cream before churning to enhance these notes, and then let the cream ferment with a lactic culture for 25 hours. It is then left to age for four weeks before we churn. In this process the culture is naturally developing lactose into lactic acid, and by default we end up with probiotic butter, probiotic Crème Fraiche and probiotic Buttermilk. This formation of bacteria is creating those beautiful aromas and flavours that Pepe Saya is most famous for. Who thought butter could have so much going on behind the scenes? It’s amazing!



When the Culture in Pepe Saya Butter is active the butter will turn Lactic, the texture and consistency changes and the butter will have a very strong Lactic or Cheesy flavour. This is NOT RANCID, this is exactly how Cultured butter acts when the Culture is Activated.



You may notice that our butter is softer straight out of the fridge compared to supermarket brands. It’s a fairly simple explanation, Pepe Saya churns soured cream to make the butter and we do not add water to our process. We make pure butter !

Supermarkets however, stock generic brands that use 21st Century lean production methods. The butter oil is added with water and milk powders to produce perfect consistency and standardised products. Each brand may have their own way of producing butter for the supermarkets, but this is a good general comparison of the two. Pure butter made at home or from an Artisan producer such as Pepe Saya should be spreadable as ours is directly from the fridge.


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