Murrungundy Fig & Pistachio Jam 250g

Murrungundy Fig & Pistachio Jam 250g

Murrungundy Pistachios is a small family farm run by Richard and Diana Barton. Located at Elong Elong, between Dubbo and Dunedoo, 1 hour north of Mudgee and 35 minutes from Wellington in the Central West of NSW. 

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    250g glass jar

    Ingredients:  Pistachio nuts, figs, sugar, lemon juice.

    Beautiful on toast, muffins or pipping hot scones, Murrungundy Fig & Pistachio jam is also the perfect accompaniment as a glaze on chicken, fish, ham and pork.  Equally good on a platter with cheese, or served as a dipping sauce for finger food.  ade from the freshest ingredients and without added colours, flavours or preservatives.


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