Le Marquis Brie de Rambouillet

Le Marquis Brie de Rambouillet

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This soft, surface mould ripened cheese, specially selected by Will, Studd, is hand made in a modern, purpose-built ‘fermier’ that lies in the shade of the Rambouillet deer forest, south west of Paris.  Le Marquis Brie de Rambouillet is made using fresh pasteurised milk sourced exclusively from a small herd of pampered cows.  The unique combination of moulds, cultures and a traditional poplar wood box helps to ensure that the chalky centre of the young cheese slowly breaks down to a soft gooey texture over 3-4 weeks of careful ripening. One can tell when Le Marquis Brie is at its optimum because it has a distinct fungal aroma and is soft when pressed. The ‘cowy’ barnyard flavours of the mature cheese are a perfect reminder of why ‘fermier’ cheese is so special.


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