Brooks Creek Caramelised Onion

Brooks Creek Caramelised Onion

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Brooks Creek is a tiny hamlet just outside Canberra in NSW. The drover’s quarters featured on the logo is a genuine heritage-listed one room cottage at Brooks Creek Lane. Made of corrugated iron and hand-hewn timbers, the exact age of the cottage is unknown but it is thought to have been used by drovers who lived and worked in this once-remote part of regional Australia during the early 1900s. The Brooks Creek Lane drover’s cottage was chosen because it’s local and it’s authentic – just like the Brooks Creek Hampers products!


    This relish is perfect to go with a snack at nearly every time of the day, while delicious for a refined palette, maybe keep this one out of reach of children, it may be a bit strong for growing people!

    Ingredients:  Onions 43%, Sugar, White Wine Vinegar, Salt


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